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What caused Phyllis Holden’s death? How did Bob Dole’s ex-wife die?

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There have been rumors that claim Phyllis Holden’s death was caused by Cancer and now fans are getting confused over the real cause.

Phyllis Holden was known to be an occupational therapist and used to work at a veterans hospital near Michigan. She got married to Bob Dole in 1948 three months after going for their first date but unfortunately, the marriage hit the rock on 11th January 1972.

Bob Dole

What happened to Phyllis Holden? What is Phyllis Holden’s cause of death?

The ex-wife of Bob Dole, Phyllis Holden died on April 22, 2008, and the cause of her death is as a result of suspected Renal failure.

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The passing of Bob Dole got many confused over the cause of her second wife’s death as well but with regards to Bob’s death it was clear that he died of cancer. In 1991, he went for surgery for prostate cancer and was announced to be suffering from stage 4.

As he didn’t want to hurt his body he opted for immunotherapy instead of chemotherapy and passed away at the age of 98 over the disease.

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Who is Phyllis Holden?

Phyllis Holden was the first wife of Bob Dole but passed on in 2008.

Following their divorce, Bob tied the knot with his second wife, Elizabeth Hanford on December 6, 1975.

Bob Dole, professionally known as Robert Joseph Dole served as Senate Majority Leaders and was an American attorney and politician.

He became the leader of the Senate Republican Conference and had also served as the chair of the Senate Finance Committee and also a ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Phyllis Holden
Bob Dole and daughter Robin

Did Phyllis Holden and Bob Dole have children?

Phyllis Holden and Bob had a child together and she is identified as Robin Dole however it’s unclear if Bob Dole had any children with his second wife.

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