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Pot bellies can kill; 22-year-olds are having pot bellies – Korle Bu Family Physician Specialist » GhBase•com™

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Dr. Kwame Ofori Koramoah, a Family Physician Specialist at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, says young individuals around the age of 22 have pot bellies.

This, he noted, is troubling since the risk factors connected with pot belly may kill.

Then there is the pot belly. A pot belly raises your chance of getting any non-communicable disease. Even for diabetics, a 0.5cm loss in the midsection dramatically lowers blood sugar levels. So, truncal obesity raises your risk of heart attack, hypertension, diabetes, and cancers.

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Pot belly is truncal or central obesity.

“Truncal obesity is an accumulation of fat around the abdomen that negatively impacts the person’s health”, he said.

Dr. Koramoah said this on the GTV morning program on February 16, 2021. He explained there are other causes that lead to a pot belly, and it is not just due to overeating.

It’s not just about eating and not exercising. No. Many considerations. Hormonal imbalances may cause these. If you don’t exercise much, you should at least exercise for 30 minutes five days a week. If you don’t do it, you sit a lot and don’t move. “It would boost that,” he added.

The Doctor said that there are many truths concerning pot belly that people need know in order to cease spreading myths about it.

“Hypothyroidism is another illness that may cause abdominal obesity. So, if you have hypothyroidism, your metabolism is slowed, and you may have abdominal fat, there are many factors that may cause this, not only eating late at night. “They may make you gain belly fat”, he said.

He said that there are numerous physical exercises one may perform to treat truncal obesity, but only on a doctor’s instruction.

“Anyone can exercise, but not everyone can perform any sort of exercise, so if you visit a family physician, they will give you an exercise prescription…

So, walking, skipping, weight lifting, or flexibility exercises. So, there are several workouts to shed the middle”, he continued.

Pot bellies are connected with the wealthy owing to their diet and lack of exercise.

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