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Noodles are bad for your health – Doctor warns

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Dr Jeremiah Penking, a Nigerian doctor known for sharing regular health tips on his social media pages, has warned against the frequent consumption of Noodles.

According to the medical practitioner, who doubles as a content writer and creator, Noodles pose a high risk to people who make it a daily meal of choice.

Among the youth, Noodles seem to be the favourite junk food because it is instant and easy to prepare.

However, in one of his recent educative posts on Twitter, Dr Penking says Noodles have an array of negative impacts on your health.

Below are some reasons why Noodles are bad for your health

1. It is low in fiber which is necessary for a healthy digestive system and responsible for feeling of fullness.

2. It is low in protein which is the building block of the human body and helps in growth and repair

3. Most Noodles are made of maida, which is a milled, refined and bleached version of wheat flour. Maida is very bad for our health because it is highly processed, rich in flavour but devoid of nutrition. Maida noodles are loaded with preservatives and are nothing but a source of empty calories.

4. Noodles contain MSG (monosodium glutamate), a common food additive used to enhance flavour in processed foods. MSG consumption leads to weight gain, increased blood pressure, headaches and nausea.

5. Instant noodles are associated with poor overall diet quality. Due to noodles, people are lacking in essential nutrients which are required by the body. Noodles significantly decrease the intake of vitamins A, C, D, calcium, phosphorous, and iron.

6. Noodles are high in sodium which has a negative effect on people who are salt-sensitive. And also in general, noodles may cause an increase in blood pressure and also an increase in cardiovascular diseases.

7. Children who consume instant noodles frequently do not have the ability to absorb nutrients from other nutritious foods. After the consumption of noodles, many children showed difficulty in absorbing the nutrients from proper meals.

8. Noodles contain a high proportion of salt which exceeds the recommended daily requirement and predispose one to hypertension -Noodles contain a lot of preservatives which are bad for the body

How can you Help Yourself?

1. Don’t eat Noodles as a staple family diet. You should eat it once in a while, almost like a snack.

2. Whenever you cook Noodles, garnish it with a lot of fish, meat, onions, vegetables, fruit pieces to mitigate some of its dangers.

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