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“My wife has slept with 37 different men in just a year after our wedding” – Husband cries and seeks advice

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A young married man has taken to the internet to seek advice and help after finding out about his wife’s sex escapades with 37 different men.

According to this distressed man, he was coerced to marry his wife who was his best friend back then because age had caught up with both of them.

In his worrying writeup, he explained that after their marriage, they had problems anytime they wanted to have sex because his wife still saw him as a friend and not a husband hence felt shy all the time.

Because of these unpleasant experiences, they both agreed to have sex outside of their marriage for some time until they become compatible with each other.

Unfortunately, he got blindsided by his wife romantic affairs with 37 different men until recently.

His nonchalant wife will be sleeping with the 38th guy today which is a valentine and he can’t stop her because of the agreement they both initially had.

Take a look at the screenshots below to know more…

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