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Michael Blackson to feature some Ghanaian actors in a movie

Actor and Comedian, Michael Blackson

Ghanaian Liberian American actor and comedian, Jafari Ferguson, popularly known as Michael Blackson, has announced his decision to feature some Ghanaian actors in a movie to be shot in Ghana.

According to him, Ghanaian actors should expect an opportunity to be featured in his upcoming movie.

He has, therefore, asked interested actors to get in touch on his Instagram account.

“If you’re an actor, just keep up my IG, I am gonna hire a few people to be in a film of a few Ghanaians and showcase them to the world”, he said.

In an exclusive interview on ‘Joy News’, he disclosed that he intends to reach out to Tyler Perry to consider building a film studio in Ghana.

“I am gonna reach out to my big boss Tyler Perry and see if he will be interested in extending something over here but I think I am taking the step by filming something here and showing it so I am going to do that this summer”, he noted.


Mr. Blackson, who also serves as a comedian, mentioned he wants the world to get to know what the Ghanaian movie industry and the country as a whole have to offer.

“Ghana has so much beauty that I want the world to see, I want us to be like, eventually be a place where people come to shoot a big movie”, he stated.

“First thing I would like to do with the whole movie thing is to show, I would like to showcase my country to the world so I decided this summer I wanna shoot a project here. A community series, something I could sell to like Netflix or Amazon”, he added.

According to him, he has taken steps in making the initiative of building a movie studio in the country a reality.

“A few film commissioners were here last week and we talked about it, on how we need a big film studio. So, that’s a bigger step with a film studio that will take some time but trust me we gonna make it hard”, Mr. Blackson stated.

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