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Man confronts pastor and his church for neglecting mad man

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A man went haywire on a pastor and his classroom church for neglecting a man.

The disgruntled youth could not understand why the pastor and the church did not show compassion toward the madman, who was clearly unkempt.

According to his argument, the pastor should have offered a helping hand to the man by dressing, cleaning, and feeding him. Meanwhile, they have decided to shout in the form of worship to disturb everyone.

Confronting the pastor, who was dressed neatly in a suit, the man threatened to cause a commotion if the church worship while the mad was not attended to.

“I will slap you if you go on with the church. How can you dress nicely and preach in the same place where the madman needs help? Is that how Christianity is practiced?” He fumed.

Apparently, the pastor evicted the mad person from the room before converting it into a church. The angry man was peeved about the fact that it was done by so-called Christians.

Check out video below…

The video has garnered several mixed reactions after it went viral. While some support the attitude of the angry man, others have condemned it.

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