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Man breaks up with girlfriend on Valentine’s Day for sending him a love message she copied online

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A WhatsApp conversation giving an account of how a man grisly ended his relationship with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day has surfaced online sparking countless reactions from netizens.

The man applied the breaks on their affair after the girlfriend allegedly copied a romantic message from the internet and sent it to him to express her love.

The trigger that led to them splitting began when the lady queried her boyfriend for not attaching love emojis in his “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too” response to her.

The man became offended by the question and also criticised her for using only two emojis in her message which did not prove enough love – that’s where things escalated.

He started throwing jabs at her as she expressed shock at how a day that was supposed to be beautiful turned to day for quarrels.

He described the girlfriend as being unintelligent for his liking because she could not put her own words together to express her love to him.

To defend his statement, he even proved the plagiarism accusation by sending her a link to the website where she allegedly copied the love message from.

Not long after laying the accusation, he said that he is breaking up with her and stopped responding to her messages.

The lady’s profuse pleas with him to rescind his decision did not yield any result. Not even plenty of love emojis could do the magic for her on the day of global love.

Read the private chat below

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