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Lorry fares up by 30% from tomorrow – Private Commercial Transport Operators » GhBase•com™

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The Private Commercial Transport Operator has announced a 30% increase in rates for passengers and customers of commercial transport.

The Association announced on Thursday, February 17, that transport rates will rise by 30% on Friday, February 18.

The committee said that it made this choice to safeguard the transportation industry from collapse.

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They bemoaned the constant increases in gasoline costs. The last was on Wednesday, February 16.

“A gallon of petrol used to be 27 cents at the pump, but today it’s over 36 cents,” it bemoaned on February 17.

The Private Commercial Transport Operators has thus ordered its members to “immediately apply the increase”.

To preserve their firm they have asked the public, particularly loyal clients, to be patient.

“Bear with us while we try to salvage our company and keep delivering our vital services”.

On Monday, February 7, the Coalition of Private Transit Operators submitted a 30% increase in transport rates to the Transport Ministry for approval. But the administration proposed a 10% increase.

The Coalition has subsequently rejected the government’s offer, claiming a 10% increase would bankrupt them. Both parties’ meetings concluded well.

However, the Coalition is due to meet tomorrow, Friday.

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