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Lady cancels wedding with rich boyfriend after finding out his mother sells by roadside and lives in a slum » GhBase•com™

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They say money does everything as stated in the Bible but not all monies are meant to bring out the joy in a relationship or marriage.

Some of them can’t influence decision when it comes committing oneself to a lifetime vow.

It is the case of this beautiful lady who did the unthinkable by ditching her rich boyfriend she was to marry in a few weeks’ time after finding out his mother sells by the roadside and also lives in the slum.

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According to the lady, she was all happy with the rich boyfriend until he sent her to his mother after they agreed to settle down.

She got the shock of her life when she saw the dilapidated structure her would-be mother-in-law lays her head while her rich boyfriend lives lavishly in a rich environment and spends millions of Naira on alcohol and friends.

She then confronted her boyfriend about why he spends money on friends but has allowed her mother to live in a dilapidated building and also seels petty things by the roadside and the only answer she got was that he’s planning something for the mother.

This excuse didn’t stop the lady from dumping the boy as she wouldn’t like to spend the rest of her life with a man who can’t take care of his mother despite being rich.

The lady wrote this on Twitter;

Called off a wedding with my ex some years ago because he took me to visit his parents at Ejigbo. Dude lived in Lekki. Buys drinks for total strangers & spends millions for friends but your mum still sells ugwu by the road side? Uncompleted zinc house. Take care of your parents.

This man told me that he was working on some things and will do the needful. Some of my friends were like how is it your business but my mum supported me with her full chest. It was not easy because but God was there until l met my hubby today, see the way they care for their Mum

See the full thread below;

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