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I make 600ghc profit daily from selling ‘Gob3’ on my off days – Serious Ghanaian Nurse speaks » GhBase•com™

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An interview with Grace, a stunning Ghanaian nurse who also works as a gari and beans trader and is known as “gob3,” was granted, and during the interview, she disclosed further information on her side job.

According to a post on Jasmine Ama’s YouTube channel, Grace said that selling Gob3 is the family business her grandmother used to run, but that now her sister, mother, and herself run it and earn between Ghc500 and Ghc600 each day.

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The health care worker elaborated by saying that on workdays she gets up at 4 a.m. to start making food for her sister to sell all day.

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On her days off, though, she works as a street vendor.

Grace, who is 24 years old, further said that after a day’s labour, they take their money and subtract the cost of the raw materials, which ranges from GHC250 to GHC300. The amount that is left over is their profit.

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