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How Old Was Mary When She Had Jesus? » GhBase•com™

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Mary is known as the mother of Jesus Christ. Mary’s age is not mentioned by the Bible but as a virgin, she was a young lady fit for marriage according to Jewish customs. What was her true age? How did she become the mother of Jesus Christ? Keep reading to find out more.

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Who Was Mary, The Mother of Jesus?

Mary was a Jewish woman from Nazareth and the wife of Joseph who was a carpenter. The Bible describes Mary as a virgin and was conceived by the Holy Spirit. The Catholics regard Mary as a Saint and highly respected. But how old was Mary when she had Jesus? Let’s find out below.

How Old Was Mary When She Had Jesus?

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Mary’s age is not revealed in the Bible. However, according to Jewish customs, girls between 12 to 16 years would have been betrothed (engaged) to their husbands. It is therefore likely that Mary had Jesus between 12 to 16 years.

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