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How Many Books Are In The Bible? » GhBase•com™

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The Christian Holy Bible is made up of 66 books. The Bible is also further divided into two parts namely the Old and New Testament. The Old Testament reveals God’s plan for humanity and the arrival of a Messiah whiles the new talks about the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and his second coming. How much do you know about the Bible? I have more details you would love to read about.

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How Many Books Are In The Bible?

There are 39 old testament books and 27 new testament books. In all, the scriptures are made up of 66 books. The Holy Bible has many versions too with the popular one being the King James Version.

What Other Books Are Not In The Bible?

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Though the Bible is made up of 66 books, there are other books which were not added. There are reasons for their omission. Some of the authors could not be verified. Also, the books in the Bible follow some prophecies which must tally with the rest of the books already added and so those which went off the subject were taken out.

Some of the books which are available in the Catholic version of the Bible include Tobit, Judith, Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), Baruch (includes Letters of Jeremiah), I and II Maccabees, and additional sections for the books of Daniel and Esther.

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