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Here are some reasons ladies end up with smelly honey pot » GhBase•com™

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According to Amma Serwaa, a Ghanaian actress and fashion designer, many factors might contribute to vaginal odour; nevertheless, the most essential thing is for women to take care of themselves, both in terms of diet and vaginal hygiene.

The Love Doctor on e.TV Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen: “Your vagina may smell when your ph is low if infections are repeating without correct treatment, and when you repeatedly use soap to cleanse your vagina.”

Women shouldn’t put soap in their vagina, she says, since it might lead to infections. “The best thing for them to use is only water, preferably warm water,” she noted.

Amma Serwaa also added that some sperms can make the vagina smell.

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She explained that some men eat certain unhealthy foods that cause their sperms to smell and unfortunately, “if any lady has sex with such a man, and he ‘cums’ in her, it can cause her vagina to smell as well.”

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In order for women to avoid getting infections or having smelly vaginas, the actress recommended that they drink a lot of water and go to the urinal as soon as they were done having sexual relations.


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