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Flyysoulja and Redd_4x Real Name, Net Worth, Ethnicity, All Facts About Twin Rappers

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Flyysoulja and Redd_4x are twin rappers who have gained all the attention on the internet due to their style of rapping and physical appearance. In this article, we are going to learn more about the rappers and include their real name, biography, and net worth.

Flyysoulja and his twin brother, Redd_4x happen to be the rappers who attained the spotlight through social media after releasing their viral song dubbed, ‘I am Island Boy’.

They’re getting a lot of recognition through numerous memes that have been created by followers and their numbers on the various social media platforms are flooded with thousands to millions of followers.

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The duo has been working on different projects and their style of content seems to get very attractive and it’s addictive to the eyes of fans.

Flyysoulja and Redd_4x

Who are Flyysoulja and Redd_4x?

Flyysoulja and Redd_4x are twin brothers who have attained fame on social media. There are a few rappers whose music attracted many audiences after duetting it in a TikTok video.

Flyysoulja can be found on TikTok with the username @flyysoulja. He has over 1.1 million followers with 16.6 million likes. He however followers three people which includes his twin Redd_4x.

Redd_4x can also be found on TikTok with the username @kodiyakredd with 678.2k followers, he has 10.5 million and also follows two people.

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Flyysoulja and Redd_4x parents

The fast-rising twin rappers were born and grew up in Florida, United States of America. The names of their parents are not available on the internet since they haven’t opened up about it.

The duo seems to like putting their personal lives under the carpet. However, in one of the shootings of their YouTube video, they called to talk about their ethnicity and she disclosed that they belong to the Hispanic ethnic group. They were born in the US after their parents relocated from Cuba.


Flyysoulja and Redd_4x real name

The rappers are known by their stage names however Flyysoulja is known in real life as Alex Venegas and Redd_4x is also known as Franky Venegas.

Redd_4x has however changed his stage name as recently to Kodiyakredd and both are just 20 years of age.

Flyysoulja and Redd_4x net worth

The net worth of the twin rappers is estimated to be 500k to 1 million dollars. Their earnings come from their music and endorsement deals.

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