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The term Ewe as pronounced as Èʋe most often is associated with Ghanaians that hail from the Volta Region of Ghana and in this article, we will look at Ewe names and their meanings.

There are more than 10,000 Ewe names and each has its own meaning. There are some of them that are gender-neutral, meaning it can be given to either a boy or a girl and some too that are gender-specific, meaning it can be given to either just a girl or boy.

Like we’ve all come to know, names have meanings and so if you are looking for an Ewe name you can give to your baby but want to be sure of its meaning, then check the table below now.

Inspiration Behind Ewe Names

Ewe Names and their meaning

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If you take a look a the many Ewe names we have in Ghana and their meanings, there are stories behind each of them, and often parents choose a name to give their child which can be dependent on several factors.

For instance, a mother who had a difficult pregnancy and at some point felt, she wouldn’t make it after giving birth chooses to name the child Edem which means, He has saved me (He represents the creator in this context).

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In choosing such Ewe names, the mother or father sometimes decides on what Ewe name to give their baby but then sometimes, the couple discuss it and come into an an agreement.

They can sometimes be united in a name choice as they might have discussed it long before the baby even comes.

However, these Ewe names are beautiful and it all makes sense when you know their meanings.

Neutral Ewe Names and their meanings:

Adodo Patience
Agbeli There is life
Agbemavɔ Eternal Life Agbemayor
Agbenyo Life is good
Agbetor Living One
Agudze Dawn
Akorfa Comfort
Akpe Thank you
Akɔfadɔ Merciful work, Work of comfort Akorfador
Amenuvenu Mercy
Anukwade Truth Anukorde
Apefa Peaceful home Ahuefa
Aseye Celebrate
Asinemu Given to me
Asiwome God’s hands
Daasi Previous Gift
Dagbe Blessing
Dela Savior/Redeemer
Delasi God has heard
Djifa Peace at heart/Consoled
Dogbeɖa Pray Dogbeda
Donudenoo God’s hope
Donusem Encourage Me
Dorla Messenger, Angel
Doŋgbe Promise Donugbe
Dzidula Victor
Dzidzor Happiness
Dzigbordi Patience
Dziɖoɖo Endure/Take heart Đodzi
Dzɔdzɔe Honesty
Dɔmenyo Kindness Dormenyo
Edem Delivered
Edomdedzi He’s elevated my soul
Edrolali God’s judge
Edudzi Victory
Edzeŋunye I’m pleased
Edzordzinam I’m pleased
Egbloenam God told me
Eklornunye He’s anointed me
Ekɔnam Pure Ekornam
Eleagbe Living
Elinam God is always there for me
Elipklim He’s with me
Elorm I’m loved Elom
Emekor The message is clear
Enam Gift
Esiawonam God’s gift Esia
Esime God’s protection
Esinam God has heard my prayers
Essumah I’m content Essum
Eva He/She has arrived
Evado He/She is here
Ewordedzi Thywill
Eyram Blessed
Fafali There is peace
Fiamorm Show me the way
Gameasu/Gameado It is time
Gameli There is time
Gbenesor Harmony
Kaleno/Kalee Warrior
Kekeli Light, Lightness, God is Light
Kekleli There’s light/there’s brightness
Kesinlɔnu Wealth
Kesinɔnu Wealth
Klenam Shine
Kpeɖeŋunye Help me Kpem
Kplom Guide me
Kpɔmɔne Hope Kpormone, Kpormor, Morkpkor, Mɔkpɔkpɔ
Kɔkɔe Holy Korkoe
Lebene Treasure
Makafui Praise him
Mawuena God’s gift
Mawuko Only God
Mawulipklim God is with me
Mawumebia I asked God
Mawunya God knows
Mawusi In God’s hands
Mawutor For God
Mawuvava True God Vava
Mawuɖeka One God Mawudeka
Medodzi Courage Dodzi
medonudenoo My hope in God
Metor I answered
Metornawo God Answered
Meyorwo I called unto God
Midzordzi Be happy
Mɔfiala Guidance Morfiala
Naagbem Give me life Namagbe
Nalikem Strength Likem, Elikem
Nenunyam Give me wisdom
Nenusem Give me strength
Nevame Amen Evame
Ngor Forward
Norkplim Be with me
Nukunya Wonder Nuku
Nutifafa Peace
Nyanyui Godnews/Gospel
Nyemawi My God
Segbene Listen to God
Selasi God has heard my pleading
Senam God’s Gift
Senyegbe Trust in Me
Sesee My prayers/plea
Sesinam God heard my prayers
Setutsi I’m comforted/Blessed
Sitso Shelter
Sroda Revered God
Susu Wisdom
Tafa Tamefa
Tenu Anointed
Tornye Mine
Tsoeke Forgive Tsorke
Venyo Child is wealth Vinyo
Vlitanye Defend me
Woetsoefiam Reveal
Wolɔlɔ̃nu Thywill Lorlornu
Woyram I’m blessed
Wɔla Creator Wola
Wɔlali Creator is alive Wolali, Holali
Xorse Faith
Yowome I believe in God
Zɔzɔrnyuie Godnews, Gospel
Đegbefã Spread the Gospel
Đemi Deliver Demi, Dem
Đeɖefia God’s holy sign Edifiam
Đonkudzinye Remember
Đormefafator God of Kindness
Đotom God has heard Dotomi
Ŋuse Strength
Ŋuseli There’s strength Nuseli
Ŋuseto Almighty

Male Ewe Names & Meaning

As we mentioned, some names are for males but it must also be noted that although these names are predominantly male names, there are some instances where you would see it been given to a female as well.

Male Ewe Name Meaning
Atsu Older Male Born
Agbenyo Life is good
Agbesi In Life’s Hands
Amenyo Human is good
Agbemafle Life can’t be bought
Zanetor May the darkness end
Yingor Go Higher
Senanu Destiny Gives
Senyo Good Destiny
Nukunu Wonder
Mawuli There is God
Kwami Saturday Born
Kofi Friday Born
Nuyanti Tree of knowledge
Mawulikem God has strengthened me
Koku Wednesday Born
Komla/Kobla Tuesday Born
Kodzo Monday Born
Kosi Sunday born
Fiavi King’s son
Kplorla Helper
Edem He has saved me
Edzorna It happens
Edudzi He has won
Etse Younger Twin
Foli First Son

Female Ewe Names & Meaning

When you give birth to a female or a baby girl and want to get some nice Ewe name to give her to show her root, then these Female Ewe names are great. Settle for any of these when you are comfortable with its meaning.

Female Ewe Name Meaning
Akosua Sunday born
Adzo Monday born
Abra Tuesday born
Aku Wednesday born
Afi Friday born
Ama Saturday born
Aseye Joyous
Atsufui Twin girl
Akpene Thank God
Amewusika Human is worth more than Gold
Bubune Respect to Him(God)
Delali There’s a helper
Deladem I have been helped
Delasi The helper had heard
Dzidzor Happiness
Enam He(God) gave to me
Etornam He answered me
Edinam He granted me luck
Ese He has heard
Elinam He is there for me
Exornam He has saved me
Ewoenam He has done it for me
Eyram He has blessed me
Edzordziman It made me happy
Elorm He loves me
Fafali There is peace and calm
Kafui Praise God
Kekeli There is brightness
Lololi There is love
Mawutor God’s own
Mawusinu Waiting on God
Mawusi God’s hand
Mawufemor God’s way
Mawuena God gives
Mansa Third girl child
Nunana Gift
Seyram Destiny has blessed me
Sefakor Destiny has given me peace
Sitsofe Rescue
Selorm Destiny loves me
Selikem Destiny has held me firm
Xeta /Edo Born after twins
Yayra Blessing
Yawa Thursday born
Zanetor My the darkness end

We believe you got some Ewe name to name after your child or if you were just curious to know the meaning of an Ewe name you’ve heard.

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