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Don Cheto Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth & More » GhBase•com™

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Don Cheto is well known by many as  fictional Mexican born American singer, radio and television personality who became popular for his supporting roles in pushing the Mexican American pop culture.

Don Cheto Biography

Don Cheto was born born in the year 1942 in Municipality of Zamora de Hidalgo, Mexico. The exact day and month of his date of birth is actually not known.


Despite his birth in Mexico, he is constantly living in Los Angeles of the United States of America where he hosts the Don Cheto Show.

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His program, The Don Cheto Show is an Spanish language variety show that takes over 60 minutes on Channel 62 in Los Angeles, it is also aired on sister stations owned by Lieberman Broadcasting.

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Details made available proved that The show features a variety of games which includes a live band, football and name-that-tune, and girls dancing in revealing outfits. That’s quite an interesting showing isn’t it ? Surely it is so you could now understand why He has made such a huge name for himself.

In the radio station East Los FM, Cheto set the pace ultimately high when he makes an appearance in Grand Theft Auto V as himself.

Music Career

Aside being known widely as a Radio and Television Personality, He is also a musician who is specialized in Singing, He has released at least 5 albums and 6 singles throughout his music Career.

Don Cheto

His first single titled Vamos Pa’l Rancho came in 2003 and that was the beginning of it all, he went on to release some more top hit singles and multiple albums to his name.

Below is a list of all the singles and Albums Don Cheto has released :

  • Pa’l Norte ft Calle 13
  • La Crisis
  • Estoy Enamorada
  • Ganga Style
  • El Muy Muy ft  Amandititit


  • Hablando Por Lo Claro
  • Piporreando
  • El Hombre Del Vozarrón/El Chancho Frijolero
  • Vamos Pa’l Rancho/Muchos Más: Linea De Oro
  • El Gran Show De Don Cheto y Sus Amigos



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