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Did Prophet Elijah Die Or He Was Taken To Heaven?

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Prophet Elijah was one branded an enemy to Isreal during the reign of King Ahab and Jezebel. During their time, the worship of foreign gods specifically “Baal” was allowed. Prophet Elijah will not allow this to happen and so he prophesied that it would not rain for a long time. In the end, Elijah was victorious. He was carried away by God to Heaven and this has become a big argument. Whiles some argue that Elijah was carried into Heaven, others believe he died at the end. So, what happened? Did Prophet Elijah Die Or He Was Taken To Heaven? Let’s find out from the Bible.

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Who Was Prophet Elijah?

Prophet Elijah was first mentioned in 1 Kings 17 where he cursed the land of Israel for worshipping false gods. He said rain will not fall and so the land became barren. Because there was no food, God sent ravens to bring him food and for water, he drank from a stream till it also dried up. So, God instructed him to go to Zarephath where he will meet a widow who was supposed to provide food and water for him.

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Here, Prophet Elijah performed his first recorded miracle. The widow’s jug of oil was never finished and he also brought back to life the dead son of the widow. To return the people of Isreal to the true God, a challenge was proposed to King Ahab. It was simple, the Prophets of Baal were going to offer a sacrifice to their god and those who belonged to the God of Isreal led by Prophet Elijah were also going to do the same. However, the rule is that the worshippers will have to call upon their God/god to send fire to burn it up. The God which answers by fire will be the winner. In the end, God answered only Elijah and because the Baal worshippers could not, they were killed. It was after this contest that rain begin to fall once more.

Elijah Appoints Elisha

Prophet Elijah’s work was coming to an end so God told him who his replacement was. It was another man named Elisha. So, Elisha was supposed to continue from where Elijah stopped. However, to inherit his Prophetic powers, Elisha must see when he is taken away by God. They journeyed to Jericho from Bethel, Elijah tried to depart from Elisha but Elisha did not let him. In the end, Prophet Elijah was finally taken away to Heaven by a chariot of fire. Elisha managed to see it and so inherited his powers.

Did Prophet Elijah Die Or He Was Taken To Heaven?

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Many argue that Elijah is part of the fortunate people who made it up to Heaven. However, some disagree and with other references from the Bible say that Prophet Elijah only migrated to another part of the earth from Israel. Let us look at why some believed Elijah was not taken to Heaven.

  1. In John 3:13, Jesus says No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man. From the verse, Jesus refutes the claim that Elijah went to Heaven. He says apart from him, no one has ever been to that place. So where did Prophet Elijah go?
  2. In 2 Chronicles 21:12, Jehoram received from Elijah warning him for forsaking God. Some argue that the letter was written before Elijah ascended into Heaven but from other references, the letter was delivered 7 years after. Some also argue that there was a second Elijah. However, a similar thing happened with Philip who was also carried by God to meet the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:39.

It is evident that Prophet Elijah simply migrated to another place but not Heaven where God lives. The chariot of fire was just a “heavily taxi” which came to pick him up.

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