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Broke Slay Queen offers her vajayjay to phone dealer as part payment for iPhone 11 Pro Max

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A phone dealer has shared his crazy experience with one of his potential female clients who soured their business engagement with her immorality in his DM.

A leaked WhatsApp chat that has gone viral shows the moment a cash-strapped yet desperate slay queen offered her vajayjay for free to get herself an expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The young woman who reached out to the phone dealer introduced herself as Linda and when right ahead to tell him that she wants to buy the luxury phone but she only has N150k (GHC2,187).

Willing to do anything to secure the device, she then offered to complete the payment with her body, saying that he can sleep with her up to 10 times.

But the unnamed man was not willing to give in to her proposal.

The shocking reaction from the phone dealer got the lady to take things to another level, hoping that the mention of free sex which excites several men will coerce him into the rare barter trade.

Rather than change her mind, the lady said that she would increase the number of times to 15 if he can add Airpods to the iPhone.

At this point, he got infuriated and put her on the blast.

See the screenshot below.

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